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For years, MB Stars S.r.l. has been operating through the relationship established with most of Italian and international brands which get in touch with us to collaborate in the management of surplus, samples and returned goods from shops and outlets. All the remaining goods are managed in order to protect the product and sold in markets and territories where the company don’t have trade links and a distribution network that could be disturbed from the sale of stock.

MB STARS S.r.l. operates in several areas of the world, mainly in Europe and East Europe, but also in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and South Africa, South America and USA.

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MB Stars S.r.l. organizes special productions of goods in countries where the brand of interest is not present.

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MB Stars S.r.l.'s recognized expertise and know-how have enabled to develop a service to the largest supplier companies for seeking to sell their brand in foreign markets or to find the best partner for a joint venture or a license, also with regard to regular distribution.

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